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We are a nonprofit foundation dedicated to aiding those in need.  We accept and appreciate all donations, either monetary or approved in-kind gifts. 

Support the mission via:

Partner with us in a foundation, organization or corporate grant/gift.  
We welcome opportunities to create like-spirited partnerships, matching and challenge gifts and employee/payroll deduction gifting programs.

Participate in the goodwill with a gift during the most-needed season.

Provide a gift today and put your generosity to work immediately.

Contact us should you have product or other in-kind gift suitable to the mission.  We will help in determining the practicality and feasibility of delivery and usage.

Gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law, and can be made payable to The McKenna Foundation:

The Ann J. & Edward P. McKenna Foundation
PO Box 4022
Whittier, CA  90607-4022

Foundation Tax ID:  26-4609828​  
The foundation is restricted to the mission and service agencies determined by the Trustees.  Grant proposals are accepted upon invitation.  
                                                Thank you.